Monday, 23 July 2012

Best Way to Remove a Virus From Your Computer

Today i am going to give you some tips to remove virus from your pc
Virus's are almost an inevitable consequence of computer use nowadays. Even the most experienced user with the latest anti virus installed is susceptible to viral infection.
From simple surfing of the net, downloads of any kind, to reading your email, there are literally hundreds of ways for malware to invade your machine.
Usually one is quite aware of the infection; pop up's, redirected web results, rogue programs running etc are the obvious signs of an infection. There are other less obvious signs as well; inability to get online at all, blue screens, sluggish performance, computer freezing up, these can all point to an infection.

Even though the prevalence of these virus's is increasing, and the frustration they cause can be infuriating, there is good news! Most can be removed relatively easily; with a bit of patience and the information I'm about to give, you'll have all you need to defeat these nasty pests.
The first thing you'll want to do is download 3 free programs from the internet (you'll need a virus free computer for this part)
1. combofix
2. superantispyware
3. malwarebytes.
AS I stated earlier, each of these is free and readily available, just do a Google search for each. The next step you'll perform is to save these 3 programs on a usb flash drive; once completed boot up the infected pc into safe mode by pressing f8 while the machine is starting up. Once in safe mode, (these instructions work for all windows os's) go to "run" and type in "msconfig" A window will open with sevaral tabs on top, choose "start up" and choose "diagnostic start up" then reboot into safe mode again. Once in safe mode insert your usb flash drive and run "superantispyware" make sure you set it to perform a "complete scan" Superantispyware will run for anywhere from 30 minutes to well over an hour; once completed you will have a list of the spyware, virus's, malware found as well as cookies, you dont have to delete the cookies, but make sure anything else found is removed.
You will then run malwarebytes and remove whatever it finds. Lastly, run combofix. Combofix will find the tough ones such as rootkits and make the necessary repairs to the operating system. Your computer should now be virus free.
Now your computer is virus free, but that doesn't mean the damage the virus caused is cured! If you notice that your files are missing, or that your desktop no longer has any icons on it, download and run "unhide.exe. If you still can't get online, make sure your proxy settings are correct, (control panel, internet options, connections, lan settings, make sure nothing is checked) If you still are unable to access the internet, from a working computer download lspfix (Google search) and run from the thumb drive.
Once you've completed these steps your computer should be virus free and in working order. There are virus's however that will not be removed with these steps in which case it may be wise to call your local computer repair technician; 8 out of ten times though these steps will work. 

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