Friday, 20 July 2012

Increase your PC SPEED

Is your system speed decreasing constantly?Having troubles with low processor speed? then try some simple steps to increase your processor speed and computer performance.... This post is mainly for the people who use windows XP as their operating system because windows xp carries extraordinary large list of unusual,visual sound effects,menu shadows ,high resolution,quality color,fade effects and many more.These features may slow down the speed of your processor and system.

By decreasing the resources of XP we cam increase the performance of the computer.Follow the below steps.

1)Disable all the start up files except ANTIVIRUS 
this can be done by following these steps

  • Go to "run".
  • Type "msconfig" in run and press enter.
  • Go to start up.
  • Disable all files.(except antivirus)

2)Prefetch files

  • Go to "run".
  • Type "prefetch".
  • Delete all files.

3)Visual effects

  • Right click on 'my computer'>Go to system properties>Go to advanced settings
  • Then click on the Setting in Performance then choose the option”Adjust for best appearance”or you can choose”custom”.
3)Automatic updates

Even though your system is geniune better to turn off your  Automatic updates.There are many reasons which slow down your processor speed if you turn on Automatic updates.few reasons are:-
  • Most of your RAM speed is used by Xp Operating System.If the resources of your XP is increased then Operating System may slow down.It indirectly effects the processor speed.
  • If your click on Live Up dates then there may be chances of Virus entering in your system.which leads your processor speed slow.

This is the major step which increases your Processor speed.Steps to perform De-fragmentation

  • Go to my computer.
  • Right click on C drive. Click on proporties.
  • Choose the option Defragment now.

5)Removing virus

  • Virus such as Trojan,vorm.exe,sass.exe etc which slow down your processor speed.So download any good antivirus software such as Norton,Spyware terminator,Kaspersky etc.I would perfer Kaspersky it is a best antivirus software.Norton may slow down your system performance.

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