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Hi guys today i have come up with a new topic that how to download multiple files in RAPID SAHRE and how to download unlimited files without waiting for hours between the downloads.I have been asked about this topic by many of my friends and today i got a comment from one of my follower. Rapidshare, a free unlimited file hosting service has now become one of the biggest source of warez,cracks,softwares,videos and movies.Rapidshare users have to buy their premium account to download files from their servers without any restrictions.Free users have many limitations like unable to download multiple files at same time,low speed downloads,etc.
Many people in past years used free premium access generator software and got free premium access,now the rapidshare team has banned this tecnique.But there are some softwares which removes these  rapidshare restrictions and allows us to download multiple files from rapidshare.These software helps free members to download files from rapidshare like a premium user.
SOFTWARES which allows you to download multiples files from rapidshare
1)Rapidshare Download Manager
RapidShare Downloader is a download manager that downloads files from automatically. RapidShare Downloader, downloads files one by one and waits's Wait-Time period for next file. RapidShare Downloader developed for downloading files from RapidShare easily.
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The best thing for Free Users. You can create your download list easily, just copy and pastle the link into the downloader. You don't need to check downloading files to start next file. Just create your download list and then play your games, movies, do your jobs. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users must be "Run as Administrator".

2)Rapidshare Auto Downloader
This tool allows automatic download of links for free users.Add multiple files and download them together.
Features of this tool.
  • Download many files from rapidshare one by one.
  • Auto shutdown feature.(Shutdown your PC after download finishes)
  • Load and save the download list.
  • Check for new versions automatically.
3)RapidShare Mass Downloader
RapidShare Mass Downloader is a free and open source Download Manager which lets you download multiple files from RapidShare simultaneously. You can start batch downloading of files by giving all the links in a text file. RapidShare Mass Downloader can also grab all the links available on a web site, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

4)Rap Get

RapGet-free-rapidshare-downloaderRapGet is yet another RapidShare Auto Downloader which can download from sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload, etc. It supports multiple parallel downloads and has multi language support. It supports more than 60 download services.

One of the trick followed by many people is that to restart the modem and download files.But it is so frustrating that we cant always restart the modem and doing this trick may also result in the failure of our modem... so now i provide you a CMD trick to refresh your modem DNS AND IP by just typing a command
Follow the following steps:

  • Go to Start>> Run>> TypeCMD without quotes!
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns
  • Type ipconfig/release
  • Type ipconfig/renew
Watch these screenshots, which explains it in easier way:

ipconfig flushdns

Ipconfig release

ipconfig renew

I’m sure, many of you must be wondering how these three small CMD prompt command will help to download files with out waiting from rapidshare. Here is what these commands are doing:
First command will flush your DNS, and it will release your current IP and with the last command it will ask for new IP. So, all you need to do is clear your browser cache and start downloading from Rapidshare or watch another video on Putlocker again.

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