Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Antivirus Test-- Check If Your Antivirus Is FAKE OR NOT

Most of you use antivirus to protect your system,but after few months you end up with virus effected system.Do you know the reason behind this.Its very simple most of the antivirus(i mean free antivirus) which are available in internet are fake.These antivirus always show that your system is fine and they make you believe that you are protected

How to know if your antivirus is FAKE????

There is a simple trick through which you can know whether your antivirus is fake or not.Just follow the steps given below


1.First press windows key+R to open RUN,now type notepad and click enter

 2.Now copy and paste the below code in your note pad

3.After pasting the code try to save the notepad file as PT.vbs

4.If your antivirus is real then it would not allow to to save the file and says that virus blocked (see the below pic where my NORTON antivirus has blocked the file PT.vbs).if your antivirus is fake then it will save that file with out any restriction.

Note:The above mentioned trick doesnt effect your computer in any way.Its just only a test and this trick is virus free

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  1. Nice trick bro. keep it up :)

    Mann from jal